My Git setup on Windows

GitExtensions – Free, cross-platform Git UI giving good visibility of the relationship between commits/branches while providing the power to achieve most everyday functions (commit, merge, interactive rebase, and many more)

Tip: During installation, choose the option which integrates with the windows command prompt by adding Git’s user\bin directory to your PATH.

PoshGit – Contextual information in powershell about the current branch

Tip: Set an environment variable GIT_SSH to be "C:\Program Files\Putty\PLINK.exe" to use putty for SSH from Powershell.


About GrahamTheCoder

I'm a C# developer based in Cambridge hoping blogging will achieve some or all of the following. Help me organise my thoughts. Practice writing things other than code. Give me a place to refer people to when I'm trying to make a long winded point. I welcome comments and constructive criticism, and hope to look back at my written opinions in the future and laugh at my own naivety.
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